Share Agendas and Make School Easier

What if you had... an agenda that updated for you? Everyone writing down the exact same homework isn't efficient. And it can be hard for teachers to easily post assignments and have a nice calendar for all your classes. How about a collaborative agenda?

It's a waste for everyone to repeat the same tedious work; now, with one post, everyone who joins the class in the app receives the post and benefits.

SharedAgenda isn't like the rest; it was created by a high schooler to make school easier.

A free app optimized for your phone, SharedAgenda allows users to join classes and post assignments (whether the poster be a teacher, a dedicated student, or a group of students). No need for only the teacher to post. Tell your classmates -- and together, make school easier.

-Go Green
-No more due date confusion
-Easily view your assignments on your phone
-Never miss another assignment
-Absent? Your assignments are present
-Clean, lightweight, and simple

Watch the video:

Be Efficient.

Join Classes

No need to get invited or invite. Simply fill out the correct information and connect to your classes in seconds!

Add Assignments

Quickly add assignments to classes with details as well!

View Assignments

Click on assignments to view details. Also, not only can you view all of your assignments together, but you can also view only the assignments for a specific class.

We have the same agenda.
Let's Make School Easier.